I'm a
San Francisco native
that's worked in industrial design/tech companies
in SF & Silicon Valley. I've lived in Chicago for a brief time
& New York where I shifted my focus to furniture, decor, & interior spaces.
My passion has also lead me to work in other disciplines like creative art direction,
brand identity, & visual marketing. This experience has allowed me to fuse a holistic approach in design
& see the wider scope when problem solving. I always challenge the status quo
& strive to reach the outer limits of
of what's possible

A big part of my process comes from an experiential discovery
of new things & an insatiable appetite to learn and understand the world.
I'm an amalgamation of art, design, science, fashion, music, technology & culture
My work spans from global brands like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nvidia, HP, Intel, & Williams-Sonoma
I collaborate in all scales & welcome commissions

Always ready for my next adventure,
whether its a new project or new mountain to climb.
When I'm not working, I enjoy the outdoors,
art, music, cars, & living
the dad life


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